At DJ Truck we love to make your event unique. We go above and beyond to meet clients needs whether it's to drive the truck up a sand dune for a huge bike race or drive round London continuously for 6 hours! Check out our social media for more snapshots of what we've been up to.

Dr Martens case study 1: roaming, stop & start

Dr Marten's love to do something different and our truck provided the perfect opportunity for this. They booked us for a two day event, in Manchester and London. They used one of our trucks to go round both cities playing music to promote their latest product. They had us stop at various locations and their brand ambassadors would get out of the truck and engage with people and hand out flyers. They used another one of our trucks to follow behind this one in style!

Dr Martens case study 2: stage for live gig

Dr Marten's hosted events in two unique places - a car park rooftop in central Manchester and an old warehouse in central London. They used the truck as a stage for various well known artists to perform to the crowd. One of the artists even had another one of our trucks reverse into view and jump out of the back ready to perform for everyone. DJ Truck works perfectly for temporary/difficult access venues because it's so easy to get into place set up and pack down within half an hour!

Dr Martens case study 3: continuous circuit

Again, Dr Marten's love to stand out. They had music playing from our truck as we drove through Camden Town, London on a continuous circuit for six hours. This was a great way to have people notice their new store opening in Camden no matter what time of day they walked by or whether they kept seeing us throughout the day!

Student Lock-In case study: inside a shopping centre

Working with the Student Lock-In has had us inside many shopping centres such as Intu MetroCentre, Trinity Leeds and outside many others such as St David's Cardiff, Liverpool One and Manchester Arndale and many more. DJ Truck is a great addition to any student night as it stands out and creates a certain buzz for the event.

Hamleys case study: parade

Hamley's used four of our trucks as part of their Christmas parade in central London. Each truck had a sponsored full vinyl wrap which made them really stand out. The sponsors were, Hello Kitty, ITV - Thunderbirds (which included a float - see photo) and Sega. It was a really fun event with each truck playing their own music in convoy.

Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon case study: movement on a race course

Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon uses three of our trucks on different sites around their race course. This adds perfectly to the atmosphere of the event creating motivation for runners. Half way through the event one of the trucks needs to move to another location - nearer the finish line. By taking some back roads off the course we were able to accommodate this, meaning the race organisers were able to have music follow the runners on the course.